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Web & Mobile Application Frameworks Cconceptual structure intended to serve as a support or guide for the building


ReactJS services make UI components that work on both, Android and iOS platforms. With the help of this open-source framework, ReactJS developers can dive into providing high-end web and mobile app development solutions.

JS Framework Frontend Mobile & Web

Vue, also known as Vue.js, is the youngest member of the group. It was developed by ex-Google employee Evan You in 2014. Vue’s contributors are supported by Patreon. Vue 3, currently in the prototyping phase is planning to move to TypeScript.

JS Framework Frontend Mobile & Web

AngularJS is one of the leading open source javascript based frameworks. It lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. It provides exquisite environment for quick development that provides dynamic views in web application.

JS Framework Frontend Mobile & Web

WordPress provides free platform for blogging and creating amazing business websites. Wipitech offer quality WordPress website development services, plugin development services, theme development services and custom web development services.

Framework CMS Web Template

Amazon Web Services is a scalebale flexible cloud computing, hosting, and development solution. AWS provides multiple data storage and data delivery solution. No matter the data type, from relation databases, NoSQL database, to large digital files, AWS has services for all.


Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax, create without sweating the small things. That is modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance, and its orientation toward syntactic sugar.

PHP Framework

CodeIgniter is a famous PHP framework that has become the first choice for many proficient web developers and programmers. In this article, we figure out why CodeIgniter is better than other popular PHP frameworks. We bring forward the information on how CodeIgniter benefits and simplifies the web programming and development tasks for programmers.

PHP Framework

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together.